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Get a whole range of relaxing treatments for your entire body, that is sure to take you to the moon and back for a few hours. Avail any two massage of your choice, and get 10% off. If you long for one more, we’ll make sure you get 15% off on your billing.

(Avail any 2 services & get 10% off. Avail any 3 services & get 15% off)

Service Name


Bangalore Price

Mumbai Price

Scalp Massage

(with Olive oil and hot towel steam)

Rs. 600 (30mins)

Rs. 650 (30mins)

Aroma Head and Shoulder Massage

A slow and gentle massage for complete relaxation. It soothes the mind and soul.

Rs. 850 (45min)

Rs. 900 (45min)

Thai Head and Shoulder Massage

An Oil-less massage which works through all your pressure points on the scalp, shoulders and arms.

Rs. 700 (45min)

Rs. 800 (45min)

Face Massage

Face Massage

Rs. 800 (20min)

Rs. 900 (20min)

Shoulder and Back Massage

30min – Rs. 1,000
45min – Rs. 1,400
60min – Rs. 1,850

30min – Rs. 1,100
45min – Rs. 1,500
60min – Rs. 1,950

Foot Massage

30min – Rs. 750
45min – Rs. 950
60min – Rs. 1,300

30min – Rs. 750
45min – Rs. 1,000
60min – Rs. 1,300

Foot Reflexology

Massage techniques on special reflex areas of the feet are applied to release tension, fatigue and improve physicial balance to the body. This stimulates physical, mental and emotional well-being.

30min – Rs. 800
45min – Rs. 1,000
60min – Rs. 1,250

30min – Rs. 850
45min – Rs. 1,050
60min – Rs. 1,300

Terms & Conditions

  • Hair wash charges will be separate.
  • The discount offered will be applicable only on a combination of services mentioned above and not on any other service that is part of the bill.

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