Indulge in a luxurious hair spa treatment brought to you by Systems Professional products for hair and scalp needs.


Indulge in a luxurious hair spa treatment brought to you by Systems Professional products for hair and scalp needs.

Hair Spa

Choose from a range of different hair spa treatments based on your hair type and needs at a Bodycraft salon near you. They can also be customised to treat various hair concerns, such as oiliness, frizz, dryness, and an itchy scalp. Get an intense hair spa to relax and rejuvenate your scalp and tresses with our Olaplex treatment specially designed for chemically treated hair. It prevents instances of breakage, reverses damage, and makes hair healthier.


    A professional- only, high-potency purifying treatment that deep cleans down to the cortex without stripping hair of moisture and essential proteins.

    Rs 2000 Per sitting


    A truly revolutionary molecular repair service clinically proven to reverse hair damage

    Rs. 1120 Onwards

  • Root Deep Anti Hair Loss Therapy

    Rs. 2200 Onwards

  • QOD Max Prime Semi Permanent Smoothning

    Experience long-lasting smoothness and manageability with a treatment that uses nanotechnology without any use of harmful ingredients.

    Rs 4000 Onwards

  • Tanino Hair Botox-One Day Wonder Treatment

    Revitalise your locks in just one day with our intensive hydration and repair treatment using tannin and keratin protein, leaving your hair feeling rejuvenated.

    Rs 5000 Onwards

  • Essential Hair Spa

    If you’re short on time, try the express version of our Intense Hair Spa treatment for silky, luscious, perfect-looking hair and energized locks.

    Rs. 1420 Onwards

  • Intense Hair Spa (Reborn)

    Personalized hair spa treatment that is customized according to your hair, let our expert stylists transform the tresses that will give you hair and scalp benefits in a single treatment.

    Rs. 1,920 Onwards

  • Fringe smoothening

    Specialised treatment dedicated to perfectly straightening and smoothing your fringe or bangs, framing your face beautifully.

    Rs. 3000 Onwards

  • Anti Lice treatment

    Rid your hair of irksome pests with this treatment.

    Rs. 570 Onwards

  • Balance energy serum (Anti-hair loss treatment)

    For hair fall troubles, this spa treatment strengthens hair and anchorage, making thin hair stronger.

    Rs. 450 Onwards

  • Shampeeling (anti-dandruff)

    Here to solve all your dandruff woes, Shampeeling treats intense, persistent dandruff and oily/irritated scalps. It helps reduce the overproduction of skin cells and transforms the scalp environment, leaving you with a happy scalp that is healthy and rejuvenated.

    Rs. 450 Onwards

  • Liquid hair treatment (molecular refillers)

    Designed especially for sensitized and fragile hair, the Liquid Hair spa treatment reconstructs and reinforces the hair fiber with thermo activation and restores the vitality of your hair. Recommended for damaged hair.

    Rs. 1,000 Onwards

  • Fringe Semi-permanent smoothening

    Focus on smoothening and straightening your fringe or bangs for a polished look.

    Rs. 3,000 Onwards

  • Semi permanent smoothening

    Make every day a good hair day with effective hair smoothening, offering a touch of straightness without a permanent change.

    Rs. 4,000 Onwards

  • Permanent Hair smoothening

    Ditch the daily straightener routine and achieve sleek, straight hair that lasts with our long-lasting smoothening treatment.

    Rs. 2,600 Onwards

  • Olaplex 4 in 1 Express Treament

    For those on the get-go, the Stand Alone Express treatment is a quick fix that revitalizes your damaged hair.

    Rs. 1,120 Onwards

  • Olaplex Stand Alone Intense treatment

    Grant a new lease of life to your hair with the Olaplex Stand Alone Intense treatment that nourishes and repairs severely damaged hair.

    Rs. 2620 Onwards


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