• Micro needling Radio Frequency

    Rediscover your younger self by boosting collagen production, getting rid of wrinkles, scars and sagging skin to make your skin firmer.


  • Face PRP

    Bring back the youthfulness of your skin by erasing wrinkles and improving its tone and texture.


  • Laser Skin Rejuvenation

    Bring back that natural glow and help your skin build collagen by tightening your skin with your precise laser skin rejuvenation procedure.


  • High Intensity Focused Untrasound (HIFU)

    20,000 onwards Onwards

  • Cosmelan

    Get the latest technology of Cosmelan peels to fight depigmentation and hyperpigmentation.

    22,000 onwards Onwards

  • Palomar

    4,500 onwards Onwards

  • Derma Roller

    Roll back the years with our Derma Roller procedure that stimulates new cell generation and enhances blood flow to give your skin a youthful radiance.

    25,000 onwards Onwards

  • Radio Frequency Surgery

    Rediscover a flawless you by getting rid of skin tags, warts, milia & DPNs.

    3,500 onwards Onwards

  • Patch Micropeel

    1,500 onwards Onwards

  • Feet Micropeel

    1,500 onwards Onwards

  • Back Micropeel

    5,000 onwards Onwards

  • Arms Micropeel

    3,500 onwards Onwards

  • Face Micropeel

    3,000 onwards Onwards

  • Ferrulac Peel

    Pamper your skin with the power of nanotechnology with these Ferrulac peels and roll back the years.

    6,000 onwards Onwards

  • Patch Micro Dermabraision

    Get rid of wrinkly patches across your body like a miracle with our minimally-invasive patch microdermabrasion procedure, performed by our experts.

    750 onwards Onwards

  • Feet Micro Dermabraision

    Get rid of wrinkles and repair your feet with miraculous results with our minimally-invasive feet microdermabrasion procedure, performed by our experts.

    1,500 onwards Onwards

  • Back Micro Dermabraision

    Get rid of sagging skin on your back and look younger with our minimally-invasive back microdermabrasion procedure, performed by our experts.

    4,500 onwards Onwards

  • Arms Micro Dermabraision

    Say goodbye to wrinkly skin on your arms with our minimally-invasive arm microdermabrasion procedure, performed by our experts.

    3,500 onwards Onwards

  • Face Micro Dermabraision

    Get a miracle facelift and glowing skin with our minimally-invasive face microdermabrasion procedure, performed by our experts.

    3,000 onwards Onwards

  • Patch Peels

    Rid your skin of those unwanted patches in awkward places with our effective patch peel.

    1,500 onwards Onwards

  • Feet Peels

    Get smooth, flawless looking feet with our deep cleansing feet peels, applied with care by our professionals.

    2,000 onwards Onwards

  • Half Back Peels

    Get a targeted peel, specifically made to exfoliate either the lower or the upper back.

    3,500 onwards Onwards

  • Back Peels

    Sit back and relax with exfoliating peel that works wonders for dry skin on your back.

    6,000 onwards Onwards

  • Arms Peels

    Remove tan lines and get your baby-soft skin back with a peel that cleanses every pore on your arm.

    4,000 onwards Onwards

  • Face Peels

    Bring back that natural glow with face peels, enriched by the goodness of nature.

    3,000 onwards Onwards

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