What is microblading eyebrows and how does it work

Microblading eyebrows: A semi permanent tattoo

Are you tired of spending hours perfecting your eyebrows every morning, only to have them smudge or fade by the end of the day?

If you are wondering how to get thicker eyebrows, a Microblading service is what you are looking for. It works towards enhancing eyebrows and making them look fuller and more youthful. Sure, there are temporary solutions out there to fix uneven or sparse eyebrows like threading, waxing, tinting, and using an eyebrow pencil, but microblading your eyebrows is a whole new game.

So what is Microblading Eyebrows?

In simple terms, Microblading treatment is a semi-permanent way of filling in one’s eyebrows. Very similar to a tattoo, this treatment lasts about 12 months. The process of it resembles tattooing but is much less painful, and the results will shock you! All it takes is painless 45 minutes to get you the perfect eyebrows! The cost of microblading in India ranges from Rs. 18000 – Rs. 20000.

what is microblading eyebrows?

How Does Eyebrow Microblading Work?

Microblading uses a handheld tool called a microblade to create natural-looking eyebrow strokes. The technician carefully deposits pigments into the skin, following the natural shape and arch of the brows.

This precision sets eyebrow blading apart from traditional tattooing. Before the procedure, the technician discusses your desired brow shape and colour. Numbing cream is applied, and the process takes around two hours. A touch-up appointment is scheduled for perfecting the results. After the procedure, the brows may appear darker but will gradually fade to a softer, more natural shade during the healing process.

Benefits of Eyebrow Microblading

Now that you know what is microblading eyebrows, you must be wondering whether microblading your eyebrows is really that beneficial. Well, we only have one thing to say – Absolutely. Here are a few reasons that will convince you about the benefits of microblading.

1. Enhanced Appearance

Microblading creates realistic, natural-looking eyebrows that enhance your facial features, providing a more polished and balanced appearance.

2. Time-Saving

Say goodbye to daily brow maintenance! With microblading, you wake up to perfectly shaped eyebrows, eliminating the need for time-consuming filling, shaping, and grooming routines.

3. Long-Lasting Results

Unlike traditional eyebrow makeup that smudges or fades throughout the day, microbladed eyebrows can last up to twelve months, depending on individual factors and proper aftercare.

4. Customised to Your Needs

A skilled technician will work with you to design the perfect eyebrow shape and colour that suits your unique features and preferences, ensuring personalised and flattering results.

5. Confidence Boost

Well-defined eyebrows can significantly boost your confidence. Eyebrow microblading helps you feel more self-assured, as you no longer have to worry about smudged or asymmetrical brows.

6. Quick and Minimally Invasive

The microblading procedure is relatively quick, usually taking a couple of hours. It’s also minimally invasive, involving the use of topical numbing creams to minimise discomfort.

7. Low Maintenance

Once your microblading is complete, the maintenance is minimal. Simply follow the aftercare instructions provided by your technician, and periodic touch-up sessions will help maintain your desired look.

What should one keep in mind when having eyebrow microblading done?

Eyebrow Microblading takes skill. It’s ideal to take a session only from a reliable place. An inexperienced hand can lead to scarring. Also, one must make sure that the tools used in the procedure are sterilised. At Bodycraft, our expert doctors have an experience of over 8 years to add a touch of finesse to your beauty.

That sounds simple enough! What about eyebrow microblading aftercare?

After the procedure, it takes a little time for your eyebrows to fade the pigmented area and get to the desired look intended. But as for aftercare, one needs to keep the following in mind:

  • Try to keep the treated area dry for at least 10 days after the treatment. This would include showers as well.
  • Since the colour is still settling in the shallow cuts, avoid makeup for a week.
  • There might be slight scabbing post-treatment, so avoid picking at the scabs, tugging or itching your eyebrows.
  • Any sort of sweating should be avoided. So working out or saunas are a big no-no! Not until you’ve healed from the process and have had a follow-up with the doctor.
  • Apply the medicated cream that your doctor will prescribe.

Also, do not miss the touch ups. Your bold new brows need some maintenance too. So make sure you keep going for your touch-up as prescribed by the doctor.


If you’re looking for experts in Microblading service in Bangalore or Mumbai, Bodycraft Clinic is the place for you. With experts in hand, we make sure you have a safe and hygienic procedure. Book your Microblading appointment today.

FAQs around eyebrow microblading

1. How much does microblading your eyebrows cost?

One session of microblading at Bodycraft costs Rs. 21186, including an additional touch-up.

2. How long do microbladed eyebrows last?

Microbladed eyebrows typically last around 12 months or even more with proper after care, with the exact duration influenced by factors like your skin type, lifestyle, and how well you care for them.

3. How many microblading sessions are needed?

The number of microblading sessions required can vary depending on individual factors and desired results, but typically, two sessions are recommended. The first session establishes the initial shape and pigment, while the second session is a touch-up to refine and enhance the results.

4. Is microblading permanent?

Microblading is not considered permanent since it involves the use of semi-permanent pigments that gradually fade over time. Touch-up sessions are typically needed to maintain the desired appearance.