Tricks To Tame Frizzy Hair!

Ladies, it’s time we addressed a grave issue we all face – frizzy hair! We love our mane and go to extreme lengths to maintain them. We get spas done, we use the right products and the occasional wash & blow drying is our absolute favourite. But no matter what we do, we just can’t seem to avoid the frizzy hair! Rains, humidity (we know what Monica Geller was talking about) and many other reasons wash all our efforts down the drain!

But how do we avoid the situation? 

1. Conditioner Is Crucial

Any stylist who knows their stuff would know that using a conditioner is crucial. They smoothen the hair out and keep your hair moisturized and away from frizz. But often, we make the mistake of rinsing it out too soon. Generously apply the conditioner from mid-length to the tips and keep it for 5 minutes before rinsing it out completely.

Quick tip: Try Hydrate Conditioner by System Professional to give deep conditioning to your hair

2. Ditch Your Towel

Not many know that the regular towel we use to wipe our body is too harsh for your hair, especially when it is wet and vulnerable. They create friction and cause your hair to break easily. Switch your towel to microfiber ones and see the magical difference!

3. Mask The Frizz

Our hair deserves some extensive efforts! So it’s time we brought in a haircare routine to the picture. And the best one we can think of is using masks! Indulge in a deep conditioning treatment weekly, especially during cold weather. It fills your gaps in the hair shaft that contribute towards frizz. For better results, the occasional hair mask on dry hair works wonders. Keeping it on for a minimum of 30 minutes will do the trick! Use Balance Scalp Mask by System Professional to mask your frizzy hair.

And when all else fails, Bodycraft Spa & Salon has just the thing for you! Our Reborn Hair Spa which is an Intense Hair Spa by System Professional. This product will surely help you battle frizz and by hydrating and moisturising the scalp, effortlessly! With the use of energy code mapping, our experts do a thorough diagnosis of your hair and scalp and make sure your hair is pampered and remains frizz-free.
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