PRP Hair Treatments: Benefits, Results & More

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Have you tried everything available in the market to restore your hair growth but it still doesn’t seem to work? This is because your hair needs something more than store-bought products. That’s why certified cosmetologists today suggest PRP hair treatments to grow hair in areas of thinning or baldness.

PRP stands for Platelet-Rich-Plasma. Since blood is made up of plasma, your cosmetologist will take a small quantity of your blood and separate the plasma from it in a centrifuge machine. This plasma is then injected in areas of your head where new hair needs to grow. This is a safe procedure since your own blood is used for hair regeneration and barely takes around 20 minutes to be prepared. Today, more and more patients are undergoing PRP for hair owing to its advanced technology.

How Do PRP Hair Treatments Work?

If you’re going in for a PRP hair treatment, your cosmetologist will brief you about the entire procedure making it a smooth process throughout.

  • A thorough consultation will be conducted to understand your hair’s requirements and your past medical records.
  • A blood test will be conducted to go ahead with PRP for hair.
  • Your cosmetologist will go ahead with the treatment only if the medical history and blood tests permit the same.
  • A numbing cream will be applied on the treatment area and left for 30 – 45 minutes. During this time, the doctor will draw a small quantity of blood which is placed in a centrifugation machine.
  • Once the treatment area is cleansed, the plasma will be injected in through multiple pricks. The area will then be cleansed again.

Prp Treatment Process For Hair | Bodycraft


Who can avail PRP Benefits for Hair?

Wondering if you can avail PRP benefits for hair? It turns out, only the below-mentioned individuals can consider getting this treatment after all.

  • If your hair has recently started thinning or falling out.
  • If your hair follicles are still active and hence able to regrow hair.
  • If you have small areas of alopecia areata (immune-system triggered hair loss).

Prp For Hair Treatments | Bodycraft

The key is to have realistic expectations about your PRP hair treatment journey. You cannot expect a guaranteed regrowth situation right after the first session. In fact, your cosmetologist might ask you to return for a few more sessions to help you achieve desired results.

PRP for hair is not ideal in the below-mentioned case scenarios.

  • If you’re suffering from hair loss due to chemotherapy since that takes a major impact on the entire body.
  • If your blood has instances of clotting or a low platelet count.
  • If you are a smoker with low blood pressure.


When Can You See Results?

We recommend undergoing PRP treatments for hair at least once a month. This needs to be continued for a span of 3-5 months to see gradual progress in hair regrowth. At the same time, it is essential to keep realistic expectations from this treatment as the results will differ from person to person.

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For most people the process is slow but for some, results might be visible within a month as well. Let PRP for hair be a journey you choose to undertake and enjoy as you witness new hair growing back on your head.

After the treatment, you should also be aware of these PRP side effects, if any.

  • Immediately after the treatment, the most common side effects include redness, swelling, bruising, tenderness, numbness, a feeling of pressure and/or fullness.
  • There are no adverse PRP side effects. You might feel slight heaviness on your scalp post procedure but that is bound to subside within a few hours.


The Takeaway

You can avail PRP benefits in our clinic to see subsequent improvements in hair regrowth. The PRP cost might differ from place to place, but you can walk into your nearest Bodycraft clinic to understand the procedure and rates at standard costs only. Alternatively, you can book an online consultation with us as well.