5 Myths About Skin Lightening Treatments – Busted!

Skin Lightening Treatments Myths | Bodycraft

We all want to stay young and beautiful forever, yet the definition of beauty differs from person to person. Many people have an obsession with having whiter, fairer skin. There’s also a lot of debate over whether skin lightening procedures are ethical. However, the goal of skin lightening treatments is to get an even-toned complexion and rejuvenate the skin by reducing blemishes caused by ageing or environmental factors.

Some skin lightening treatments include:

Skin lightening treatments generally have a negative rep in the skincare industry due to the numerous myths surrounding them. You will often hear people talk about the bad effects of skin bleaching or dismiss the benefits of facials.

But before we get started, it’s important to note that skin colour does not define beauty. The methods listed are not designed to affect the colour of your skin; rather, they are meant to help achieve an even skin tone and make your skin glow. With that in mind, let’s look at some popular skin lightening myths and facts.

5 Most Common Myths about Skin Lightening Treatments

Skin lightening treatment myths | Bodycraft

Myth #1 – Skin specialists offer unnecessary procedures. An over-the-counter cream is all you need

Fact: Only treatments that are in accordance with the patient’s expectations are recommended by doctors. Any procedure recommended by a dermatologist is based on scientific evidence. Also, keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all topical treatment or oral medicine for better skin.

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Skin rejuvenation, or getting better skin, is a journey that includes a variety of procedures over time, ranging from basic topical lotions to more intricate procedures like medium depth chemical peels, lasers, and other minimally invasive treatments options.

Myth #2 – It is better to use home remedies like turmeric, lemon and milk

Fact: This is not encouraged as these ingredients

  • could cause a reaction in some people.
  • could not be effective enough.
  • do not have enough scientific proof.

If you are testing ingredients out, please do so on a small, non-exposed portion of your skin before considering applying them on a sensitive place like your face.

Myth #3 – Ayurvedic medicines are safe for skin lightening because they don’t contain chemicals

Fact: Many unknown or clinically unapproved ingredients are found in most ayurvedic treatments. These medications, which are marketed as safe, harmless, and natural, frequently include unknown ingredients that have not been subjected to rigorous research, raising serious concerns about their efficacy and safety.

Myth #4 – Exfoliation is enough to lighten the skin

Fact: Exfoliating your skin is a simple and easy way to remove dead skin and make way for new, healthy skin. But exfoliating isn’t the only way to improve your skin tone . However, only exfoliating will not help you achieve the desired results.

Make sure you don’t over-exfoliate as you can compromise your skin barrier which will trigger irritations and sensitivities. Exfoliation is the first step in reducing skin pigmentation because it sheds away the pigmented and discolored cells, leading to a bright and even complexion. However, getting this professionally done will help you get the desired results.

Myth #5 – Consuming vitamins help lighten the skin

Fact: Not all vitamins are good for your skin. Some can cause the skin to dry out or become discoloured. Vitamin C, E and A can help lighten your skin, but you have to consume a lot more of it than the average person does, which may not be the best way to go.

When you take too much of a good thing, usually it has negative effects. For example, taking vitamin E in large amounts can cause headaches and dizziness. So make sure to check with your doctor to see which vitamins you should take and how much of them! But the key to changing your skin tone is to see a professional.

Skin Lightening Treatments – Yay or Nay?

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Your skin might get darker for a variety of reasons, ranging from frequent sun exposure to certain medical conditions. Skin lightening treatments are an excellent option for restoring your natural complexion. However, remember that these treatments are not a one-size-fits-all solution. And while some remedies are effective on their own, holistic treatment by a skincare professional is the best way to get lighter looking skin.

You can schedule a consultation with our professionals at Bodycraft Clinic and let us help you get the youthful glow you’ve always desired!