Risks associated with self-hair removal

There are a million reasons for girls to go and get rid of unwanted body hair. Be it the aesthetics of being a lady, or just the peer pressure for going smooth, just to fit in! Whatever the reason may be, I understand the need to feel smooth.

Lately, I have noticed a trend of DIY hair removal methods like hair removal creams, razors and epilators doing the rounds in the market. Just the fact that many would find the whole procedure of waxing painful and expensive is what drives them to try the “home remedies”. Yes, I agree! The experience isn’t really rolling in a pile of goose feathers while you get tickled with rosebuds and the more exotic the service gets, the more expensive it becomes!

But let’s get real! There are some things that need to be left to the pros for the best possible outcome!  It’s always a safer option to trust the experienced aestheticians, like the ones in Bodycraft, for your hair removal needs because they maintain high standards of hygiene and safety.


Let’s look at some of the common risks of the various self-hair removal procedures: