Chemical Peels For Acne Scars: Do They Work?

Acne Peel Treatment Process

Scars left behind after acne/pimples breakout can leave behind discoloured marks making your skin look uneven. Beneath the skin layer lies a youthful layer that is usually covered by signs of ageing and uneven skin texture. To combat this and make your skin look even-toned, free of blemishes and smooth, our experts recommend getting a Chemical Peel treatment done.

What is a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a common facial aesthetic treatment consisting of mild chemical solutions that are applied to your face, neck and hands. A chemical peel treatment delivers the function of gently exfoliating the skin, eventually peeling away the top layer of the skin which appears aged and dull. As a result, your skin appears rejuvenated, youthful and radiant.

Getting Chemical Peel sessions can help you with the following skin concerns.

    • Treating sun damage that can result in wrinkles
    • Using chemical peel for acne, especially chemical peel acne marks/scar reduction
    • Improvement in the appearance of certain types of acne
    • Reduction of age spots and melasma which can result from pregnancy or consumption of birth control pills
    • Chemical Peels for tan removal & skin brightening, improving the appearance and feel of skin
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How do Chemical Peels help with Acne Scars?

What is a Chemical Peel Treatment for Acne?

Acne can be formed on different parts of the body and are characterised by red bumps. Some might even be pus filled, leaving behind visible scars and blemishes. With a few sessions of the Chemical Peel treatment, you can get rid of acne scars in no time.

1. Face

Chemical peels can be used on the face to remove acne marks and improve your skin tone by making it smooth and clear.

2. Underarms

Acne on the underarm skin can make it darker and scaly. Chemical peels can thus help by discolouring or lightening this area.

3. Arms

Chemical peels are normally applied to the arms and legs to eliminate rough, scaly skin on the elbows and knees. They can also be used to reduce keratosis skin more commonly known as chicken skin.

4. Legs

Back acne and scars can be embarrassing conditions for some. A chemical back peel can help to unclog the pores which will reduce pimples and blackheads.

5. Chest

This treatment can help get rid of crepey skin, also known as elephant skin on the shoulders, neck and chest.

Acne scars can be removed with a medium chemical peel. The peel exfoliates the skin by eliminating dead skin cells on the surface. Removing the outer layer stimulates your skin’s capacity to manufacture collagen, a structural protein. A chemical peel can also help to unclog pores, which will help prevent future outbreaks.

How is Chemical Peel administered?

The chemical peel treatment is conducted in the following steps. Your doctor will be helping you out with the pre care and after care procedures as well.

  • The doctor will cleanse the treatment area before the Chemical Peel session.
  • A brush is used to apply the chemical solution.
  • Depending on the type of solution used, the peel is kept on for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • You might feel some mild discomfort while the chemical solution is on your skin.
  •  A neutralising solution is used to remove the peel.
  •  Your doctor will apply cool compresses to soothe the skin after the Chemical Peel treatment, and then a hydrating cream and sunscreen are applied.

The Takeaway

You can undertake a chemical peel in our Bangalore and Mumbai locations to achieve multiple benefits for your skin and achieve the target results with your skin. The treatment will help you achieve a radiant look on your face with the very first sitting.

Book an appointment with us today to begin your journey towards clear, smooth skin!

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