How to Tighten Loose Skin on Face and Body?

tighten skin on face

Your skin is always changing and remoulding itself. Although many such changes are natural, sometimes certain factors—both internal and external—can cause damage to your skin leading to loss in skin elasticity causing loose or saggy skin. While it’s quite natural to have your skin loosen up and form wrinkles as you age it’s also natural to have the desire to continue having firm and plump looking skin. It’s your skin, your choice. 

So, if you’re someone who is seeking the answers for how to tighten skin on face or how to tighten skin on body, let us help you through it via expert guidance at the Bodycraft Clinic.

What Causes Sagging Skin?

To learn how to tackle the issues of loose skin, it’s important to understand what are the causal factors behind it.

1. Aging

Collagen and Elastin are two very essential proteins found under the skin. The former is responsible for skin structure and helps support the firmness of the skin, while the latter is responsible for the flexibility of the skin.

As you grow old, your body produces less amounts of these proteins, which results in the skin losing its ability of remaining taut and that of bouncing back. This results in saggy skin.

2. Sun Exposure

One of the leading causes of saggy skin as well as other skin problems is the exposure to the sun’s UV rays. These rays, if soaked directly and for too long by the skin can kill the skin cells, damage its natural elasticity and hence lead to premature aging. That is why proper care is extremely vital before going out in the sun and in fact it’s recommended to avoid too much sunlight. 

3. Lifestyle

There are a lot of lifestyle related reasons that lead up to skin loosening its natural elasticity:

  • Smoking: Smoking can be one of the biggest causes of premature aging. This happens because the chemicals in the cigarette provoke the ruination of collagen and elastin.
  • Weight Loss: Massive or immediate weight loss can trigger sagging skin. It is so because the expanded skin needs time to regain its original structure after the fat is gone from underneath the skin.
  • Daily Routine: Your diet routine as well as casual habits like squinting too much, rubbing your eyes too often or placing your hands on your chin can also cause creases and lines on your face. 

4. Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the skin elaborates itself to accustom to the body growing, especially around the belly area. After delivery, it’s quite common for women to have loose skin because it can be a time taking process for the skin to regain its original structure.

What Problems Can Loose Skin Cause?

Although loose skin isn’t harmful, it can definitely be troublesome for a lot of people in differing ways: 

  • It can be physically uncomfortable to carry the floppy skin, cause irritation of the skin and in cases of loose skin after weight loss, it can be quite painful.
  • It can be emotionally and mentally hard to deal with the way it looks—causing damage to self-esteem and instigating body image insecurities.

Now, you might try anti-aging products, but their efficacy and durability could be disappointing. At Bodycraft, our experts suggest the treatments for face skin tightening as well as for body skin tightening that will help in achieving long-lasting youthful and glowing skin.

Treatments for Face Skin Tightening

1. Wrinkle Relaxers

An FDA approved product, wrinkle relaxers, popularly known as botox is the most widely used skin tightening procedure. It helps in erasing frown lines, crows feet (around eyes), chin dimples, forehead lines and helps in lifting eyebrows.

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2. Fillers 

Fillers or Dermal Fillers are injected under the skin, and the injected substance helps in smoothening of the creases on the face along with adding plumpness and fullness to the skin.

3. HIFU 

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is a non-invasive treatment that helps in tightening and smoothening the skin on face and neck, through the use of focused ultrasound energy which boosts the production of collagen within the targeted skin area.

4. Vampire Facial and Yuskin GFC 

These facial treatments are very effective and enduring skin rejuvenation treatments.
Vampire Facials, also called microneedling with PRP, uses the plasma from blood to induce collagen production which helps in dealing with fine lines and wrinkles.

Yuskin Growth Factor Concentrate (GFC) therapy is an ultra-modern treatment that makes use of the skin’s built-in capability of self-healing. It helps in restoring the skin’s fresh and youthful appearance.

With the right knowledge by our experts, you can understand the procedure better.

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Treatments for Body Skin Tightening

1. MNRF 

The microneedling radiofrequency (MNRF) Treatment is an advanced treatment  that instigates the production of collagen in the body to attain a healthier and tighter looking skin.

2. Evolve Treatment 

Evolve is body contouring or body sculpting treatment which makes use of RF (Radio Frequency) to tighten and tone your skin, along with fat burning. It is a non-invasive treatment procedure.

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3. CoolSculpting 

CoolSculpting or cryolipolysis is another non-invasive body contouring procedure that helps in achieving a smooth and firm appearance, along with fat reduction. You can learn more about how exactly this process is carried out at your nearest Bodycraft clinic and make an informed decision.

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The Takeaway

The skincare and treatment industry has come a long way and now there are many different ways to get your skin rejuvenated and healthy. But, any such procedure should only happen under expert counselling and guidance.

At Bodycraft, our experts help you in each and every step of the way. From the initial understanding of your skin type and needs to the last step of the procedure in motion, and even after the treatment is done—you will always have our experts to rely on.

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FAQs around Skin Tightening Treatments

1. How much does it cost for skin tightening in India?

At Bodycraft, the Wrinkle Relaxer or Botox treatment starts at ₹350 per unit, Fillers start at ₹21,000, HIFU at ₹30,000, Vampire Facials at ₹4,000 and Yuskin GFC at ₹5,500. These prices can change depending on the number of sessions of the procedure you choose.

2. How long does loose skin take to tighten?

It can depend from person to person. For some it may be weeks, for others it may take a couple of months. Getting a skin tightening treatment at Bodycraft can help your skin regain its firm and plump form in a few weeks.

3. What causes loose skin after weight loss?

To accommodate fat and weight, the skin stretches and enlarges itself. Thus, when weight loss happens, the expanded skin needs time to return to its original form. The more time the skin spends being stretched this way, the more time it can take for the skin to recover.

4. How can I tighten my whole body skin?

Bodycraft provides many skin tightening treatments that can help you in rejuvenating your skin of face, neck and body. 

5. Why is my stomach skin so saggy?

Sagging skin on the stomach can be a sign of weight loss. It can also happen after pregnancy. Moreover, as one ages, the reduced production of collagen and elastin in the body leads to loose skin in various parts of the body, including the stomach.