Science Decoded: How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

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Ever wondered “How does Laser Hair Removal Work?” Since time immemorial, women have gone the extra mile when it comes to personal grooming. Be it comfort, hygiene or just aesthetics, body hair removal is an important part of women’s grooming. Laser Hair Removal is a painless way to get rid of unwanted body hair. It’s hassle-free, delays hair growth and keeps your skin soft and smooth for a long duration.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Reduction is the process of reducing hair growth by destroying the root of the hair follicles through a laser treatment. With the help of pulses of light designed to heat the hair follicle (till it dies), they are destroyed. This includes the use of specific wavelengths of light that target pigment to keep the skin unharmed. 

How does laser treatment for hair removal work, you ask? It targets areas such as the chin, underarms, hands, legs, thighs and even the bikini area. After the procedure, hair starts falling off gradually and the new growth is significantly lesser and delayed. Hence, you remain hair-free for a few months.

P.S. This is why laser hair reduction is known to be most effective on darker hair. 

6 Things to Do Before Starting the Laser Hair Removal Process

Before you undergo a laser treatment for hair removal, it is important to understand how Laser Hair Removal works and go through a few precautionary measures.

  1. Your aesthetician will consult you on the basis of your skin type, needs and medical history to determine how long the process will take
  2. Don’t pluck, wax, shave or use electrolysis for at least six weeks before the procedure
  3. Avoid exposing the skin to direct sunlight for one week before the procedure
  4. Using a broad-spectrum sunscreen is recommended
  5. Before coming in, it is recommended to shower or wash the area with unscented soap.

Step-by-Step Guide to Laser Hair Removal

After the initial consultation with your aesthetic surgeon, they will take you through the steps of how Laser Hair Removal works. The session will last about a few minutes to an hour, depending on your target area.

  1. You will be given protective eyewear to use during the Laser Hair Removal procedure
  2. We will provide a complimentary underarm Laser Hair Reduction trial session to assess effectiveness and understand your level of comfort
  3. A cleanser/moisturiser is applied to the area which is to be shaved in order to prevent the experience of a burning sensation
  4. Once the hair is shaved and excess hair is dusted, the aesthetician marks out grids on the treatment area indicating sections that will receive the Laser Hair Removal treatment
  5. A cold gel is applied over the treatment area which enables the aesthetician to sweep the Laser Hair Removal machine across the area with ease and also prevents the laser from burning the skin
  6. After the area has been treated, the gel is removed and the area is wiped clean. Once the complete session is done, a moisturiser and sunblock are applied.

What to Expect After Laser Hair Removal Sessions?

While there are certain treatments you can opt for post-consultation with your doctor, there are some easy precautionary steps you can take after each session.

  1. Refrain from any hair removal process like waxing, shaving or plucking
  2. Avoid exfoliation, excessive sweating, swimming, saunas or very hot showers for about 1-2 days after the treatment
  3. Wearing restrictive/tight clothing should also be avoided in the process. It is also advised to avoid exposing the treated area to direct sunlight after your treatment
  4. If your skin appears to be sunburnt, use cool compressions and moisturisers on the affected area
  5. Over the next month, the hair in the treated areas will fall out

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal?

Now that you know how Laser Hair Removal works, you might be wondering what are laser hair reduction benefits. It’s simple – the idea is to get rid of unwanted hair without any pain. While options like threading, waxing, shaving, using epilators and electric treatments are available, they are extremely painful and do not offer permanent effective results. In fact, they can cause skin redness, irritation and some scars if not done by a professional. Also, they do not delay hair growth like laser hair reduction.

How Long Does it Take for Laser Hair Removal to Work?

On average it takes some months for the full treatment, with sessions about 4 weeks apart (depending on the area being treated). This is done because the treatment is effective only when the follicles are on their active growth cycle. With these growth phases in mind, the laser treatments are done at specific intervals.  Also, each part of the body has a different growth cycle so depending on the area of treatment, the time required to complete the treatment may vary.

Session Number Expected Impact
Session 1 Some hair reduction, but not all hair affected. Possible hair regrowth in treated areas after a few weeks. 
Session 2 Further reduction in hair thickness and density. Regrowth from session 1 may be finer and lighter. 
Session 3  Continued reduction in hair volume and coarseness. Regrowth is typically thinner. Skin reaction may decrease in intensity.
Session 4 Substantial hair reduction in the treated area. The remaining hair tends to be finer and less noticeable. 

Laser Hair Removal Maintenance

Laser Hair Removal maintenance involves periodic touch-up sessions to sustain smooth and hair-free skin. These sessions, spaced apart as needed, target any remaining fine or regrown hair, ensuring long-lasting results. Maintenance treatments are convenient, minimally uncomfortable, and help individuals enjoy the benefits of reduced hair growth over the long term.

how laser hair removal works


Now that you know that this procedure is completely safe and painless, why don’t you book your consultation with our experts at Bodycraft Clinic to learn more about laser treatments for hair removal and how you can go about this procedure? We promise you won’t be disappointed.

FAQs around How Laser Hair Removal Works

1. How long does it take for Laser Hair Removal to work?

It typically takes several sessions over a few months for Laser Hair Removal to show significant and long-lasting results.

2. Do I need to shave first for Laser Hair Removal?

No, it is not required. Our aestheticians will need to assess the thickness and intensity of your hair growth so they can adjust the frequency of the laser.

3. Will hair grow back after two Laser Hair Removal sessions?

While some hair may regrow after two laser sessions, it’s usually finer and lighter, with more sessions needed for optimal results.

4. Can I shave between Laser Hair Removal sessions?

Yes, you can shave between laser sessions, but avoid plucking or waxing as it can disrupt the hair follicles targeted by the laser.

5. What are some common myths around Laser Hair Removal? 

Laser hair removal myths include beliefs that LHR is completely permanent after the last session, it doesn’t work on all skin and hair types, and it’s excessively painful. Another common myth is that is can cause cancer, which is false since there is no research that backs this claim.