Brushes You Need, To Be A Professional Makeup Artist

Being a makeup artist is not easy. You need the creativity, industry updates and the right ammo to be the best in the field. The knowledge of each tool and how they can be used to create a masterpiece is crucial on the job! 

So here we are with a list of 18 makeup brushes every professional makeup artist must have!

Foundation Brush

Characteristic: tightly packed bristles and tapered tip

This brush helps with the flawless application of foundation on the skin. Looking for an even distribution of the product? Try dampening it with warm water before application! 

Stippling Brush

Characteristic: light and feathery ends

The perfect airbrush effect is what this brush renders. It is perfect if you want to create a base as it eases the application of the product on the skin. 

Powder Brush

Characteristics: long, fluffy bristles
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Use this brush to gently powder your face with loose powder of compact. It restricts the application of too much powder and gives a natural look. It gives the perfect touch up without affecting the current makeup.

Bronzer Brush

Characteristics: soft, full and rounded

The brush’s round shape works in its favour and allows even distribution. It picks up the right amount of makeup that is needed for the look. 

Concealer Brush

Characteristics: flat brush, wide base, pointed tip, soft bristles

The flawless look is just a stroke away. With the concealer brush, you can target the dark spots and dark circles and achieve an even and flawless complexion!

Mineral Powder Brush

Characteristic: thick and bundled

This brush works wonders for wet and dry products alike. Use it in a circular motion and get the right flawless finish! 

Fan Powder Brush

Characteristics: flat, round, dome shape

This brush is ideal for applying the loose powder onto the skin. Better used for light coverage and to remove extra facial power. This brush gives a light dusting of products for a velvety look!

Blusher Brush

Characteristics: more rounded and compact than a powder brush

This brush is quite similar to the powder brush but this works more on the lines of picking the colour from the blush, using the rounded head and compact tip. The soft bristles prevent harsh lines from appearing.

Angled Blush Brush

Characteristics: slanted bristles

This brush is used to contour using blush powder. The angled bristles gently dust the powder on the cheeks rendering a precise yet natural application.

Face Contour Brush

Characteristics: slanted and rounded shape with firmer bristles

This brush is used to contour the face. The angle looks like the cheekbones, which helps in focussing on the area of the face you want to contour.

Eyeshadow Brush

Characteristics: large, flat, short, with overflowing bristles

As the name suggests, this brush is used for a precise application of the eyeshadow. Be it powder or cream, this brush glides, giving an easy application with minimal fallout. 

Angled Eye Brush

Characteristics: long, round, tapered

The angled bristles on this brush follow the natural crease of the eye socket and help create an effect of depth, hue and shading. It also works perfectly to fill brows.

Blending Eye Brush

Characteristics: rounded brush top, soft bristles

Blending the eyeshadow is simple with this brush owing to the rounded brush top. This brush renders a soft and blurred effect, avoiding any harsh lines!

Eyeliner Brush

Characteristics: flat tip brush

With the fine brush achieve nothing less than perfection and precision while applying eyeliner.  

Eyebrow Definer Brush

Characteristics: stiff and angled bristles

The symmetrical eyebrows are now simple. The precise shape of the brush mimics the brow hair and covers the sparse gaps. It also is a great tool to shape and elongate the brows. 

Spiral Eyebrow Brush

Characteristics: spiral and tapered design

Tame those wild brows, even out the colour or just perfect the shape, the spiral eyebrow brush is the perfect choice for the brows.

Lip Brush

Characteristics: pointed tip, tapered edge

For the perfect application of lip colour and the perfect definition, the tapered lip brush with the contoured shape is the right choice. 

Defining Lip Brush

Characteristics: sculpted tip, short & soft bristles

Before applying the colour, you need to define the shape of the lip, which is why you need a lip defining brush. The pointed tip helps cover the most difficult corners too!

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