Brazilian Wax 101:Understand the Process & its Benefits

What is Bikini Waxing?

Tired of the constant hassle and discomfort of shaving or dealing with stubborn hair removal methods? Brazilian Wax enters the chat. If you’re looking for a smoother, longer-lasting solution without the daily struggle, our expert guide on the advantages of Brazilian waxing will tell you everything you need to know.

What is Brazilian Wax?

Wondering what is a bikini wax or full Brazilian? Brazilian wax is a type of hair removal procedure that involves the removal of strands from the bikini area, including the labia, pubic mound, and buttocks. The procedure involves applying warm wax to the skin and then using strips of cloth or paper to remove the wax and hair.

Brazilian waxing is a popular choice for many ladies in India and the world and can be performed at your nearest salon. You can opt for a Brazilian wax after consulting with the experts at the salon. The main advantage of this hair removal method is that it can provide a smooth, hairless appearance in the bikini area that lasts for several weeks. It can make you feel confident and comfortable in any clothing that exposes the bikini area.

Bikini Wax Vs Brazilian

Understanding the differences between these two waxing techniques can help individuals choose the one that aligns best with their preferences and comfort levels.

Bikini Wax:

A bikini wax typically focuses on the removal of hair along the bikini line, targeting the hair that would be visible while wearing a swimsuit. It’s perfect for those who prefer to keep things neat without venturing into more intimate areas.

Brazilian Wax:

In contrast, Brazilian wax involves the removal of most, if not all, pubic hair. This technique goes beyond the bikini line, encompassing areas like the labia, buttocks, and sometimes the anal area. It leaves a clean, hairless canvas, providing a more thorough and complete removal.

How to Prepare for Brazilian Waxing?

How to Prepare for a Full Brazilian Wax?

Heading over to the salon to get a full Brazilian? Whether it’s your first time or just one of your monthly appointments, pubic waxing can cause a little nervousness before the procedure. Here are a few steps to get you relaxed before undergoing this hair removal method.

1. Exfoliate the Bikini Region

Exfoliating the skin a day or two before your body waxing appointment can help to remove dead skin cells and improve the effectiveness of the wax.

2. Maintain the Correct Hair Length

Your hair should be about a quarter to a half inch long. If it’s too long, it will be more difficult to remove, and if it’s too short, the wax may not be able to grip it properly.

3. Shower Properly

It’s important to clean the area before your Brazilian wax session, as dirt and sweat can interfere with the wax’s ability to grip your hair.

4. Don’t Use Skincare Products

Using skincare products can create a barrier between your skin and the wax making it harder for the wax to stick to your hair.

5. Wear Comfortable Clothing

Tight clothing can be irritating after waxing, so it’s best to wear something loose and comfortable to your appointment.

The professionals can help you ease up with some relaxation techniques before you undergo your waxing appointment. In case you have any queries or concerns, we urge you to speak your mind so that your appointment is conducted as per your expectations.

How is a Brazilian Wax Done and What Should You Expect?

A Brazilian wax is typically performed in a private room by a trained esthetician.

1. Preparation:

You’ll be asked to undress from the waist down and may be provided with disposable underwear or a towel for modesty. The esthetician will clean the area to remove any oils or lotions that might interfere with the wax.

2. Wax Application:

Warm wax is applied in sections using a wooden spatula. Cloth strips are then pressed onto the wax and swiftly removed, pulling out the hair from the root.

3. Pain Level:

While pain tolerance varies, many people experience some discomfort during the process, especially during the first session. However, as you get regular waxes, the discomfort tends to decrease.

 4. Aftercare:

Post-wax, the esthetician might apply a soothing gel or cream to calm the skin. It’s common to experience redness or minor irritation immediately after the wax, which typically subsides within a few hours.

What to Do After a Brazilian Wax? 

A Brazilian wax leaves you feeling fresh and smooth, but it’s essential to provide your skin with the care it deserves afterwards so that you don’t get any bumps on your skin

 1. Avoid Heat and Friction:

Steer clear of hot baths, saunas, or activities that might cause excessive sweating or friction for the next 24-48 hours.

 2. Loose Clothing:

Opt for loose, breathable clothing to prevent irritation and allow the skin to breathe.

 3. Exfoliate Gently:

After a few days, start gentle exfoliation to prevent ingrown hairs. Use a soft scrub or exfoliating mitt to slough off dead skin cells.

 4. Moisturise:

Keep the area hydrated with a fragrance-free, gentle moisturiser to prevent dryness.

4 Benefits of Getting a Brazilian Wax?

Now that you know how Brazilian waxing is done, here are some of the main advantages of Brazilian waxing that you should know about, from longer-lasting smoothness to reduced irritation and heightened confidence.

1. Smooth Skin

With hairless skin in the bikini area, a Brazilian wax can help you feel more assured about your body. Aesthetically pleasing skin is one of the key factors that help boost confidence for many women and men.

2. Less hair over the long term

Brazilian waxing removes hair from the roots of the skin. Hence, new hair growth will take weeks. This is also why a full Brazilian is an ideal choice over other hair removal methods like shaving or epilators.

3. Less Irritation

Removing hair from the bikini region can make it easier to maintain good hygiene in the pubic area. Brazilian wax helps avoid any risks of skin irritation or infection caused by bacteria.

4. Easy Maintenance

Once you undergo pubic waxing, you don’t necessarily need to provide daily attention to your hair growth. Since it takes a few weeks to see new hair in the region, Brazilian waxing is considered a low-maintenance option in comparison to other hair removal methods. It makes you feel more confident, especially knowing that there will be no embarrassing show of unwanted hair through your underwear or bathing suits. 


The decision to avail a Brazilian wax remains personal and should be based on your level of comfort. You can expect to have a smooth experience at any Bodycraft salon and spa near you. Walk in today or book salon appointment to help us address any concerns you might have regarding this procedure.

FAQs around Brazilian Wax

1. What happens at a full Brazilian wax? 

During a Brazilian wax, all pubic hair is removed from the front, back, and everything in between using hot wax. You’ll typically be asked to remove your clothing from the waist down and lie on a table or bed. The esthetician will apply warm wax to the areas, place cloth strips over the wax, and then swiftly pull them off, removing the hair from the roots.

2. Do I need to shave before a Brazilian wax?

No, you don’t need to shave before a Brazilian wax. In fact, it’s recommended not to shave before the appointment, as the hair needs to be a certain length (around 1/4 to 1/2 inch) for the wax to effectively grip it.Learn more about the differences between waxing vs shaving in our blog.

3. Does a Brazilian wax make you bleed?

Bleeding can occur, but it’s not common with a properly done Brazilian wax. It may happen if the skin is extremely sensitive or if the waxing is too aggressive. Using a skilled and experienced esthetician and following proper aftercare can minimise the risk of bleeding.

4. Is Brazilian wax safe?

For most people, Brazilian waxing is generally safe when done by a trained professional using appropriate techniques and quality products. However, it may cause skin irritation, ingrown hairs, or minor discomfort, especially for individuals with sensitive skin. It’s essential to follow aftercare instructions to reduce potential side effects.

5. How long does Brazilian wax last?

The results of a Brazilian wax typically last for about three to six weeks, depending on individual hair growth cycles. Hair will gradually grow back, but it will be finer and softer initially compared to shaving.

6. Does Brazilian waxing stretch your skin?

When done properly, Brazilian waxing should not significantly stretch the skin. However, frequent waxing over time might contribute to some loosening of the skin due to repetitive pulling. Using proper techniques and moisturizing the skin can help maintain its elasticity.

7. How much does a bikini wax cost?

The cost of a Brazilian wax can vary based on location, salon/spa, and the experience of the esthetician. At Bodycraft, the cost of bikini wax is as follows:

Type of Waxing           Normal       Chocolate     Peel-Off      Golden Peel-Off        Perron Rigot       
Bikini Line 380  630  1000 1000
Bikini Wax 1380 1880  2250  2000
Brazilian Wax 1680  2180  2400  2500