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What is Back Acne (Bacne)? Causes & Solutions

What are the Causes of Back Acne? (Bacne)Is your skin prone to breakouts throughout the year? Apart from your face, acne can also occur on your back. This phenomenon is called back acne, or bacne which can be commonly seen around the neck, shoulders, upper arms and even your buttocks. 

If you’re wondering what the various bacne causes are for your skin type, let us help you understand everything about this condition.

What Causes Back Acne (Bacne)?

Your body has hair follicles that secrete sebum regularly. Due to an overproduction of oil in your glands, the pores can get clogged causing acne. This is mostly prevalent on your face, and can also occur on various parts of the body, especially on the back.

Below-mentioned are the different causes of back acne along with the types you can notice on your skin.

  • Blackheads: Due to the impurities in the air around you, blackheads are a result of dirt and debris that get oxidised and turn black. This type of back acne is also known as open comedones. Some people might also have whiteheads, or closed comedones, which are usually noticeable as white bumps on the skin.
  • Pustules: Also known as pimples, this kind of back acne is characterised by red bumps all over the body.
  • Papules: When your pores are clogged, they can become inflamed causing papules. They can be seen as small, pink bumps around the body.
  • Nodules: Sometimes bacteria gets accumulated in open pores creating hard and painful bumps on the skin. This type of back acne is known as nodules.
  • Cysts: When your back acne goes deeper in the layers of the skin, it hugely forms a pus-filled sack which can also be painful. This is known as a cyst in the skin which also tends to scar the body.

Solutions for Back Acne (Bacne)

While most acne can be a result of the type of skin you have or dirt, pollution or even hormonal changes a result of your busy lifestyle, some type of back acne is also hereditary. 

Solutions for Back Acne

You might not be able to completely get rid of back acne. However, there are quite a few solutions for back acne that should be followed religiously to achieve smooth and soft skin in no time.

1. Keep Friction to a Minimum

If you want to prevent back acne scars, it is important to eliminate friction against the skin. This can be done in the following ways.

  • Avoid excessive scrubbing.
  • Pat dry your skin after bathing.
  • Wear clean and loose clothing to avoid skin reactions against the material of the fabric.
  • Once you’re done exercising, change into fresh clothes immediately.
  • Use clean and dry clothes, pillows and sheets to care for your skin.

2. Avoid Sun Exposure

Sun exposure is one of the prime factors contributing to back acne. Limit sun exposure by covering your skin with clothing, scarves and shrugs . You can also use a sunscreen.

This sunscreen activates the skin’s natural defences and protects cells. Its creamy texture leaves no oily film or white traces. It is Ideal for dry sensitive skin, pale skin with freckles, skin subject to maximum sunlight.

3. Use Gentle Skincare Products

Look out for skincare products that are gentle on your skin and do not clog pores. Products attributed as ‘non-comedogenic’ are known to be oil-free and safe for use. You can check out our range of skincare products to have your pick throughout the Indian seasons.

4. Get a Back Treatment

Back Treatment for Back Acne Scars

To achieve smooth and clear skin, it is also essential to pamper your body from time to time. You can book an appointment with us to explore our range of back treatment options that are sure to provide your respite from your busy schedule while relaxing your muscles and rejuvenating your skin.

Our Neem & Tulsi Back Treatment works on reducing oil secretion and infection to give you blemish-free skin. It is an all-natural procedure with the ayurvedic benefits of these herbs.

You can also avail a Chemical Peel treatment to treat back acne.  It helps unclog pores on the back 

To reduce blemishes, uneven pigmentation, discolouration, and mild scars. 

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The Takeaway

You can easily mask back acne scars with the help of your clothes but it is always recommended to treat these skin concerns at the earliest to prevent their growth or other relevant skin conditions. 

If you’re unsure of the severity of your back acne, you can book a consultation with us or walk-in to your nearest Bodycraft salon to speak to our professionals.

FAQs around Back Acne (Bacne)

1. How soon can Back Acne be cured?

Back acne doesn’t have a foolproof solution. However, it can be gradually minimised with religious care of your skin with the correct skin care products, lifestyle changes and a monthly back treatment.

2. What are the aftercare steps for Back Acne?

If you’re using topical ointments or have just had a back treatment to reduce back acne scars, it is important to safeguard your skin. 

  • Use oil-free skincare products to prevent acne from reappearing or growing in number.
  • Avoid consuming food and beverages that are high in carbohydrates like sweets, soda, and even alcohol. Live a healthy lifestyle instead by ensuring leafy greens and fresh fruits are a part of your diet.
  • Visit your nearest salon for a back treatment at least once every month.