Top 5 Types of Hair Spa

types of spa for hair

Do you miss the feeling of fresh, hydrated and nourished hair? The satisfaction of running your fingers through your freshly done hair spa is unmatched! The fast-paced life leaves little time for hair oil massages. However, you can get a hair spa treatment done to maintain your hair health. A hair spa is a rejuvenating hair treatment with its own unique benefits. It relaxes your scalp and leaves your hair looking lustrous and feeling soft. Hair spa treatments by System Professional and Wella also help reduce the effects of pollution, dirt and sun, while strengthening your hair and reducing frizz.

There’s nothing that a hair spa cannot fix. Be it hair loss, frizzy hair, hair damage or dandruff, it is the one-stop treatment for all your mane worries! 

A good hair spa instantly puts you in a better mood, because for many of us our mood depends on how good our hair looks. To ensure you always have a good hair day we at Bodycraft have brought to you 5 types of hair spa treatments that you’ll absolutely love. These hair spa treatments moisturizes your luscious hair leaving it smooth, hydrated and manageable. 

1. Reborn Hair Spa 

types of hair spa for women

The System Professional and Wella Reborn Hair Spa treatments are customized hair spas tailor-made as per your hair requirements. This hair spa treatment benefits both your scalp and your hair. This hair spa rejuvenates and refreshes your hair making them feel soft, nourished and healthy. If you are looking for a customised hair spa this is the apt option for you. Our doctors and experts will analyze your hair and scalp and then recommend the best treatment for your hair type. 

2. Olaplex Treatment for Coloured Hair and Nourishment

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Olaplex treatment is specially formulated to protect your coloured hair from any chemical damage. It not only protects your hair from hair colour damage but also from any further damage and also makes your hair healthier, stronger and shinier. The best part? It also mends any previous damage done to the hair. If you are someone who loves changing their hair colour, we highly recommend this treatment to ensure your hair health isn’t compromised. 

3. Liquid Hair 

Tired of your constant hair loss? It is because your hair lacks proper nutrients and nourishment. For your fragile, frizzy and damaged hair, you can try the System Professional Liquid Hair Spa which is a molecular refiller for your scalp. It helps in reconstructing your hair fibre with thermo activation. With this Liquid Hair spa treatment, you will have lesser hair loss, healthy hair and frizz-free hair in no time. 

4. Malibu C

If you have dry and brittle hair due to hard water and pollution, the Malibu C treatment at Bodycraft Salon is an accurate choice for your hair. This type of hair spa treatment is 100% vegan, formulated without any gluten, parabens and sulphates. How good is that? What’s a better way than to experience an all good hair spa treatment? This Malibu C hair treatment revitalizes, restores your hair as well as the scalp that has mineral build-up due to hard water, pollution and frequent chemical treatments. Say goodbye to lifeless hair and hello to beautiful, shiny and manageable hair with the Malibu C hair spa treatment. 

5. Elixir Pro Treatment 

Is your hair lacking a silky smooth texture? The System Professional Elixir Pro Treatment is what your hair exactly needs. This hair treatment is enriched with Argan, Jojoba and Almond oil which provides your hair intense nourishment and shine. This hair nourishing treatment is infused in the structure of your hair which reduces frizziness and detangles in an instant by providing long-lasting smoothness. A perfect hair spa treatment to turn your bad hair days into good hair days. 

Pick any of these five types of hair spa as per your hair condition and enjoy a relaxing hair spa at Bodycraft. Make the hair spa treatment a regular part of your hair care routine for long-lasting healthy hair. If you’re contemplating which hair spa to choose, don’t worry. Our hair spa salon experts offer consultations to assess your hair and help you select the best treatment for your scalp condition

Good hair days are here! You can walk in or book an appointment with us to get a hair spa treatment suitable for your hair. 

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