5 Things to Know about Lip Fillers

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Do Instagram models and celebrities with the perfect pout make you dream of having voluminous lips? The growing trend of full lips and a perfect pout is every woman’s envy. Today, lip fillers are the most popular they have ever been!

With the help of lip injections, your cosmetologist can inject gel-like substances in the lip tissues to enhance volume and get the perfect crease. It is a great way to make thin lips look fuller, diminish vertical lip lines and improve the overall symmetry of the face.

So before you decide to undergo lip augmentation with the help of fillers, there are a few things you should be aware of for the success of the treatment. Remember – every cosmetic treatment should be undergone with full awareness of the procedure. This only helps boost awareness of the procedure being undertaken so one understands the expected results of any type of face fillers.

Check out these Lip Filler Facts

Facts About Lip Filler Injections | Bodycraft

While your commitment to vanity products like lip liners, lip oils and more remains consistent to give your lips a fuller look. You can surely opt for a procedure to give you a semi-permanent solution in today’s day and age. As more and more people are open to undergo cosmetology procedures of dermal fillers like lip fillers, here’s 5 lip filler facts you should know before getting lip injections.

1. It’s about preparing mentally, and then physically

Before going under the needle, it’s important to acknowledge that your appearance will change. It’s going to be an obvious, noticeable change that you should feel good about, in pictures and in real life. Hence, only opt for lip fillers if you genuinely want to increase the volume of your thin lips. It should never be for the sake of following a trend or trying to look more like your favorite celebrity.

2. Keep unrealistic expectations at bay

If you have a reference image to show your cosmetologist how you want your lips to be, that’s great but not necessary. It is essential to understand that every individual’s face type and lip augmentation is unique. Hence, after taking lip filler injections, the results will differ. The idea is to be satisfied with the results instead of regretting your decisions.

3. Choose the type of lip filler best for you

Lip Augmentation Fillers Types | Bodycraft

It’s true that there are different types of lip fillers to choose from depending on how volumised you want your lips to look. If you want to try a semi-permanent option, your cosmetologist will recommend going ahead with hyaluronic acid lip fillers that dissolve naturally in the body. In case you don’t like the results, you can always get it minimized or made bigger in shape and size.

Either Restylane or Juvederm is used as hyaluronic acid lip fillers. Lip injections will target the following areas on your lips.

  • Upper vermillion border
  • Lower vermillion border
  • Cupid’s bow
  • Philtrum
  • Oral commissure


4. Be patient with lip filler results

The first 24 hours after getting lip filler injections will be a little painful since your lips will be swollen. As the swelling decreases, you will be able to notice the new size of your lips. You will be called in for a post-treatment consultation with your cosmetologist to check the impact and clarify your concerns, if any. In fact, most lip fillers last around 6 months to a year so you will need a second treatment if you want to maintain your new look.

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5. Always undergo lip fillers through certified dermatologists

It goes without saying that cosmetology procedures like lip filler injections should only be administered by certified dermatologists. Your pre-care, treatment, and post-care woes will be at rest if you can trust your practitioner to do his or her job right. This is the best and only way to ensure a safe treatment.

The Takeaway

Get that lip enhancement and enjoy looking and feeling the way you want. It’s a great idea to accept your looks and your journey along the way, and it gets even better if the treatment is done right to give you the results you’ve always dreamt of. To get lip filler injections with trained and experienced doctors, book an appointment at your nearest Bodycraft clinic. Thank us later!

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