5 Skills You Need, To Be A Hairstylist!

Do you remember trying to give your favourite doll a new haircut or a new hairstyle, as a kid? And as a teenager, experimenting by cutting your own bangs was the thing. And before you knew it, hairstyling was suddenly a career option, and you were intrigued!

Being a stylist, as a career option, has really picked up. With famous names like Jawed Habib, Aalim Hakim, Sapna Bhavanani and Adhuna Akhtar, this line of work has attracted many. But being a hairstylist ain’t easy. One needs specific skills to make it big. Here are 5 of them! 

People Skills

People skills do not only refer to treating your clients well but also to be able to have open conversations about how they can opt for and be a good listener to their requirements.


When it comes to the beauty industry, being creative is a common skill. The ability to innovate and create different styles is crucial. This would also include your knowledge of the industry and the latest hairstyles that are in trend and your ability to recreate them. Along with the latest ones, you should have knowledge about classic hairstyles as well.

Attention to Detail

When styling hair one needs to be very careful. An inch too small or too big can change the entire look. Also maintaining evenness throughout or making sure the colour or the styling is done evenly throughout, is crucial to be a successful hairstylist.


A hairstylist is like a model for their clients, so they need to sport a fashionable hairstyle, wear proper and clean attire, and practice good hygiene. They also should keep their tools and surroundings neat and clean, for the clients’ safety.

Technical Skills

This is one of the most important skills. Having a thorough knowledge of how each tool works and should be used or how to manoeuvre around a certain haircut. 

With these skills in hand, you are on the way to become a successful hairstylist. And to help you those we have the courses specially designed to help you master the craft. Come and avail the Hair Stylist course at the BodyCraft Academy. The salon offers two courses in collaboration with the Sassoon Academy where you learn the ABC cut techniques developed by Vidal Sassoon.