5 Benefits of Hair Spa Treatment

Top 5 Hair Spa Benefits | Best Hair Spa Treatment for Hair Fall Control | Bodycraft

Are your tresses missing  a dose of TLC? Take a break from your hectic schedule and visit your nearest salon and spa to revitalise your hair and yourself! Every week or two, you should indulge in a self-pampering session that refreshes your mind and soul. What better way to begin than by getting your locks feeling good?

Our stylists suggest getting a hair spa treatment done to give your tresses the jolt of nourishment required for good health. It’s the best way to look and feel good, and also help your tresses breathe!

What is a Hair Spa?

The perfect pampering treatment for your hair exists! A hair spa treatment not only destresses you but also adds that extra nurturing for your hair. The procedure helps hydrate your locks and seal in moisture to revitalise your roots. This helps to ensure that your hair stays naturally healthy and devoid of damage or breakage in the long run.

You can get different types of hair spas including,

    • The best hair spa for hair fall reduction
    • Hair spa for oily scalp and hair
    • Hair spa for dandruff
    • Hair spa for coloured or chemically treated hair
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Get the hair spa effect at your nearest Bodycraft spa today to avail a host of hair spa benefits. Your stylist can suggest the most suitable treatment for you that will surely leave desirable results. You’ll be amazed by what it can do for your hair!

5 Advantages of Getting a Hair Spa

A hair spa treatment can benefit you in the following ways,

#1 The Perfect Stress-Buster

Once your stylist applies the product on your hair, the massaging circulation on the scalp will relax your body and mind instantly. One of the major hair spa benefits include relaxing and rejuvenating your tresses. In fact, this also helps you feel refreshed which improves your productivity in day-to-day activities.

Advantages of Hair Spa Treatment | Understand the impact of Hair Spa | Bodycraft

#2 Strengthens Hair from the Roots to the Tips

Another advantage of getting a hair spa is that it nourishes the hair, right from the roots to the follicles. This is essential to prevent damage, thinning and ultimately hair fall. Hence, if you go in for a hair spa treatment every 15 days, you can do your hair a favour by strengthening it with this procedure.

#3 Regulates Blood Circulation

It might not be possible for you to give your scalp the much-needed blood circulation on a daily basis. The absence of a healthy circulation flow can leave your tresses dry and dull. A hair spa benefits you by improving the blood flow to the scalp which in turn brings back life to your locks.

Natural Oil Balance with Hair Spa | Hair spa effect | Bodycraft

#4 Manages Natural Oil Balance

Not having enough natural oils on the scalp or producing an excessive amount can both be harmful for your hair. The sebaceous glands on your scalp need to secrete an ideal amount of natural oils to ensure healthy functioning and growth of hair. Instead, they might result in clogging or drying out the pores leading to poor hair health. A hair spa benefits your hair by striking a balance between the two occurences. It maintains the natural oil balance on your scalp that results in making your hair look and feel soft, smooth and nourished.

#5 Repairs Damaged Hair

Is your hair getting dry and frizzy again? Reverse the damage caused by extreme weather conditions, poor lifestyle habits and the usage of incorrect hair products by getting a hair spa treatment. It effectively restores essential nutrients to your hair, making it look and feel healthy and nourished. So what are you waiting for?

The Hair Spa Effect

A hair spa treatment lasts for at least 15 to 20 days. This means that apart from your regular hair wash ritual, your locks stay nourished for a longer period of time. Alternatively, if you’re looking for an at-home treatment due to your busy schedule, you can try using the System Professional Repair Mask. With just one application, you can provide your hair with deep repair and restoration that will leave it looking flawless. It’s ideal for damaged, brittle hair.

System Professional Mask For Hair Spa Treatment | Bodycraft

Give your hair the bi-monthly dose of hair spa benefits by booking your appointment at a Bodycraft hair spa salon near you. Happy pampering!

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FAQs around Hair Spas

What is the cost of a hair spa treatment?

Hair spa treatments are suggested after a consultation based on your hair concerns. The price of treatment starts from Rs. 1440.

At what age can I start a hair spa treatment?

While there is no age bar to getting a hair spa treatment, you can consult our stylist to understand whether this procedure is the need of the hour for you. Usually, most individuals start getting a hair spa beyond 15 years of age.

What is the duration of a hair spa?

You can expect spending around 45 minutes to an hour for a hair spa treatment.