4 Hair Spa Treatments That You Should Try On Your Next Visit

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Remember the good old days when hair oil massages by our mothers or grandmothers were an unmissable Sunday ritual? However with hectic schedules and days spent away from home, these rituals and your hair health has definitely taken a hit. It’s time you hit the brakes and treat your hair with love with a rejuvenating hair spa.

Hair spa is a relaxing hair treatment that offers almost instant relaxation and a strew of fantastic hair benefits for your locks. From reducing hair fall to fighting dandruff and restoring hair moisture, a hair spa can cater to a multitude of hair problems and makes your hair strong, shiny, and healthy from within.

Why is a Hair Spa important?

Hair spa is an effective treatment for the following hair concerns:

  • Hair breakage
  • Hair thinning
  • Dandruff
  • Dry and Dull hair
  • Frizziness
  • Split ends
  • Oily scalp
  • Sun damage

If you have recently done any chemical hair treatment such as hair colouring, keratin treatment, hair smoothening, crimping, etc, a hair spa is a great way to maintain and mitigate any hair damage caused by the treatment.

Here are a few hair spa treatment benefits.

Super conditioning of hair

The products used during a hair spa session thoroughly hydrate your hair and increase its smoothness, shine, and bounce.

Oil regulation of the scalp

Hair spa treatments help normalise oil secretion from the scalp. If you have an oily scalp, the professionals will use products that remove excess oil and refresh the scalp. Those with dry scalps can use nourishing products to increase oil production.

Boosts blood circulation

Hair spas usually include massaging the scalp promoting blood circulation and hair growth. Hair spas are beneficial for those experiencing hair loss and hair thinning.

Repairs dull and damaged hair

Pollution, chemical treatments, and stress can cause a lot of strain and damage to the hair. Regular hair spa helps improve hair health, restore moisture and strengthen hair roots.

Stress buster

Hair spa treatments help relax the scalp and keep you stress-free. While massaging the scalp, you can feel the tension in your neck and shoulders reduce. No wonder many people fall asleep mid-session!

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Which is the best hair spa treatment in 2022?

The best way to get optimum results out of a hair spa is to do it in a salon with the help of hair experts. Our professionals can suggest the best hair spa treatment according to your hair type and need.

Get an intense hair spa experience at your nearest Bodycraft hair spa salon to rejuvenate and repair your damaged tresses. Here are some of the hair spa treatments you should definitely try out.

Intense Hair Spa

Bodycraft’s expert salons customise hair spa treatment according to your hair type and need and transform your scalp and hair health in a single treatment.

Malibu-C Standalone Treatment

This hair spa treatment is specially designed to treat hair damaged by chemicals and hard water. This 100% vegan hair care is gluten-free and free of sulphates and parabens and helps revitalise your scalp and hair by removing hard water build up.


Shampeeling hair spa treatment treats intense persistent dandruff and regulates excess oil secretion. It treats the overproduction of skin cells that cause dandruff buildup and leaves your scalp clean, refreshed and healthy.

Olaplex Treatment

If you have chemically treated hair and want to bring life to your tresses, we recommend getting a hair spa with our Olaplex treatment. This can ensure reversing the damage caused to your hair by making them soft, bouncy and nourished. It also further helps prevent instances of breakage.

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The Takeaway

A hair spa is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Contrary to popular belief, hair spas are not expensive and there are different options to choose from based on your budget and requirement. When you add a hair spa treatment to your hair care routine, you will see the change instantly and won’t be able to stop all the compliments coming your way.

Wondering which hair spa is best? Book an appointment at a Bodycraft salon near you and choose from a range of treatments from the best hair spa to give your hair the pampering it deserves!


1. How often should a hair spa be done? 

Your hair goes through a lot of stress, just like you. Hair spa treatments provide deep nourishment and care to both the scalp and hair. For best results, it is recommended to go to a hair spa twice a month.

The number of times you should go for a spa treatment also depends on your hair type.

  • Normal hair- once in two weeks.
  • Chemically treated hair- thrice a month.
  • Fine hair- once a month.

2. What is the difference between a hair spa and a hair conditioner?

While both Hair spa treatments and conditioners help to nourish and hydrate the hair follicles, Hair spa beats hair conditioning in intensity and overall effectiveness. The hair spa includes scalp massage and steam that improves blood circulation and optimises the absorption of the product, therefore maximising the product’s efficiency. Conditioner definitely conditions and softens the hair but is less effective in fighting problems such as thinning hair, hair fall, oily scalp, or dandruff.

3. How long does the hair spa effect last? 

Generally the effect of hair spa treatment lasts for 15-30 days. However, the timeline may vary from person to person based on hair type, type of hair spa and products used, and hair issues.